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June 17, 2019

Committee Chairs & Descriptions

Chair: Rachel Piekarz

Assignment Books/Folders

Coordinate order of student folders and planners for all three schools. Order is placed in April for the following school year.This committee can function well with a small group of volunteers and one strong committee chair.

AUDITING Chair: Handled by local accounting firm


No less than 3 members, or a CPA, audits books, verifies accuracy of all records and submits to State PTA. CPA/Accounting background a plus. Treasurer is on hand during process but not part of committee. Generally, a commitment of one meeting over the summer.

book Chair: Christine Spencer

Book Fair

School Library

Assist in running the Fall and Spring Scholastic Book fairs. Committee members volunteer for time slots and assist the students in their selections and purchases for a few hours each Fall & Spring. Chair is responsible for coordinating the volunteer hours across the three schools.

BULLETIN Chair: Sandy McMahon

Bulletin Board

Members maintain PTA designated bulletin boards to display pictures, announcements, recognition, and seasonal cheer. Members assigned to work on their school’s bulletin/display case. Materials may or may not be available at the school. Include Principals in planning and request assistance for supplies.

Cultural Arts Chair: Karen Timpanaro & Maria Bross

Cultural Arts/Programming

New members assist during scheduled programs which are presented during school hours for students and possible evening programs as well. Meet with committee members at the end of the school year to help plan programs for next school year. All programs are subject to approval by the Superintendent and School Principals.

Family Fun Chair: Tara Hamway

Family Fun

Members plan and coordinate a PTA sponsored family weekend event. Members must be available during the event to assist.

Fundraising Chair: 


Members will help coordinate fund raising during the year. Responsibilities include distribution of fundraising materials, collection of orders, order accuracy verification, distribution of orders, and addressing possible shipping errors. Members will also evaluate fundraisers; suggest profitable fundraisers, while finding a balance between PTA, School and other organization’s fundraising. This committee is crucial to the success of our PTA, and volunteers are greatly needed and appreciated!

Holiday Shop Chair: Kim Buscher

Holiday Shoppe

Members organize and coordinate this special service for our children. The PTA provides affordable gifts for children to purchase for family and friends for the Holiday Season. Members select gifts, over-see sales, and plan complimentary activities during event. Last year Santa visited!

Hospitality Chair:  Jennifer Pirot

Hospitality & Baking

Members assist at select PTA sponsored functions and Back-to-School Night event at their respective schools. This involves baking volunteers to coordinate refreshments/coffee to serve during events. All paper products and expenses are covered through PTA funds. Members will be asked to be on hand to set up tables, over-see function and clean up following the activity.  Provides baked goods, upon request, for PTA and school functions.. One chair and two co-chairs are needed.


Membership Chair: Kelly Couillou


This committee assists in the distribution of materials relating to membership; increasing attendance at monthly general meetings, and providing answers regarding membership responsibilities and benefits. Our goal is that all parents be members of our PTA in order to have access to opportunities in which to spend more quality time with their children.

Nomination Chair:


A PTA requirement, members actively seek interested people to serve as future Officers of our PTA. This committee addresses needs of filling positions. Generally, active from February on, but also when circumstances require.

Pride Day Chair: Kelly Couillou

Pride Day

Pride Day is a Bloomingdale event. Various Town organizations sponsor fun children activities, provide resources for information, and sell a variety of refreshments with the goal of bringing our Community closer. Creative ideas for the PTA table, preparation for the day’s event, set-up, hosting, and dismantling of table are all responsibilities of this Committee. Event is usually in early Fall.

Web Handled by board at this time

Publicity and Marketing

A new committee dedicated to publicizing our PTA and its events.  Create/distribute fliers, contact local papers regarding special events and use Facebook to promote events.

Scholarships Chair: Rachel Piekarz


Every year our PTA awards two scholarships to a Bloomingdale student in recognition of their intellectual &/or personal achievement. Members are responsible for notification to applicable High Schools, availability of applications, reviewing and selecting recipient. One Executive Board member will also join committee.

Walk Chair: Melinda Simpson


Our annual Walk-A-Thon has been a success and is enjoyed by our students. Alternate Fundraising events are entertained and presented as well. Members are responsible for planning and scheduling, obtaining incentives for students, distributing related printed materials, assisting with specific responsibilities during the event, and assuring that FUN is the main objective. This “FUNdraiser”is distinguished as incorporating physical activity with the children during the event.



Teacher App Chair: Monica Story

Teacher Appreciation

Teacher’s Appreciation Week is annually in May, but not limited to one week per year. Members brainstorm ideas on how to express appreciation for the care and education of our children every day, and are responsible for coordinating related efforts.

TREPS Chair: Christine Spencer & Kim Buscher


This is an after school program done at the middle school that teaches students about entrepreneurial skills. Each student chooses or invents a business/product they would like to promote, and then present it at the final marketplace to sell to family, friends, and members of the community.

Tricky Tray Chair: Kristen Piccolo 

Tricky Tray

The Tricky Tray is planned to be held in the spring, pending support, held each year or every other year. Additional ideas for a similar fundraising event are considered. Members will solicit donations, make baskets, and assist in event planning and execution.

Please note: Responsibilities &/or committees subject to change, per written notification, if circumstances require.