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June 17, 2019

Class Parent Guidelines and Responsibilities

Revised September 2017


1st VP – coordinates the Class Parent lottery selection in September and acts as the liaison between the administration and the Class Captains. Any issues or questions regarding events during the year should be brought to the attention of the 1st VP.

Class Captain – is responsible for the distribution of class money to the Class Parents, the scheduling of Class Parents for parties, and the arranging for chaperones for class field trips.  Also acts as a liaison between the Teacher and parents for any other class activities.

Serving as Class Captain is limited to one class (MBD/SRD only).

Class Parent – is responsible for planning and attending at least one class party and may be asked to act as a chaperone on class field trips.  There are up to 8 Class Parents (including the Class Captain) for each class.  Current PTA Board members are guaranteed a spot as a Class Parent.


Class Parent Selection is via lottery conducted early in September by volunteers.  You must be a current paid member in good standing with this PTA to be eligible for the lottery.

All Class Parents/Captains must either attend at least 3 general PTA meetings per year or actively* volunteer for 2 committees and attend 1 general meeting.  Failure to do so will disqualify a member from the position of Class Parent/Captain and may, at the discretion of the PTA Board, disqualify a member from future participation as a Class Parent/Captain.

*as determined by Committee Chair

Class Parties

The Class Captain is also responsible for scheduling all Class Parents to share in class party responsibilities.  This will allow ALL Class Parents the opportunity to attend and assist in their child’s class at some point during the year.

Unless otherwise requested by the Teacher, two Class Parents will assist with each party/activity.  The Teacher is the authority in his/her classroom and Class Parents are there to assist only.  All ideas for themes or activities to take place in the classroom must be discussed and approved prior to the party by the classroom Teacher.  At no time will Class Parents take it upon themselves to plan activities independent of the Teacher.  The Teacher may also request certain themes, activities, refreshments and the Class Parents agree to abide by the Teacher’s suggestions.

No parent should take it upon himself to show up for a party that they have not be scheduled to attend.  All parents must SIGN IN at the school’s office before going to the classroom.

The Bloomingdale School District Nutrition Policy indicates that any refreshments supplied by PTA or Class Parents should NOT have SUGAR as the first ingredient.  School staff has the right to refuse to serve items which are out of compliance.  Please don’t waste your time or money – many types of muffins, cookies and ice cream actually list sugar second or third.  Check the ingredient list first!  Remember, this is a district policy that we must respect in order to secure future classroom privileges and is only meant to help improve the healthy eating habits of all our children.

Due to insurance reasons, Class Parents cannot bring younger siblings to class parties.  Exceptions (in rare cases) may be made only with prior approval of the Classroom Teacher.

Serving as Class Parent is a wonderful opportunity to share in your child’s class celebrations.  It is NOT an opportunity to confer with a Teacher regarding your child or a concern.  The main objective is for the kids to have fun.  Please keep in mind that you are an invited guest in the Teacher’s classroom, there specifically to assist with the party.  The privilege of being a Class Parent is based on maintaining good relations with the Teacher.  With communication, courtesy and respect for one another, we will continue to be granted these privileges.

Field Trip Chaperones

The classroom Teacher and/or Principal will determine the number of chaperones necessary for all field trips.  Field trips offer an opportunity to our children to explore and experience the outside in a safe environment.  Independence, social development and learning are just some of the benefits of field trip events.  Parents should feel assured their child(ren) are secure and safe during these times.  Group dynamics are affected when too many parents decide to attend the trip.

  • Class Parents have preference of attending the trip(s) and should be contacted about availability in the order they were selected.  Special circumstances my require adults other than Class Parents to attend field trips.  Although PTA members are generally given first preference, it is not mandatory to be a PTA member to attend a field trip.  The Teacher and Administration have final say.
  • If for any reason a Class Parent cannot attend, they should notify the Class Captain and Teacher immediately so they can confer to select an available alternate.  AT NO TIME may a Class Parent substitute a spouse or make their own arrangements for a replacement.
  • Arrive promptly to the classroom or meeting place.
  • If there is an emergency the morning of the trip, call the Class Captain and the School Principal so arrangements can be made.
  • Report any problems immediately to the PTA Board and/or Principal.

Class Play

If there is a class play, the Class Captains should coordinate a “thank you” gift (flowers or a small gift) for the teachers involved.  Money can be taken from the class funds or a request can be sent home for a dollar or two to cover this expense.

Class Gift

See Step by Step guide for MBD and SRD.  Class gifts are discouraged at WTB, since not every teacher has a homeroom.


I have read the above and agree to abide by the responsibilities outlined.  I understand that failure to do so may result in loss of Class Parent privileges.

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